Beanies for the winter

Soon it will be very cold outside. During the cold times of the year I prefer to wear stuff which keeps me warm. The most important thing is to wear something on your head. If your head isn’t protected, you’re more likely to get a cold or even worse – you get ill.

Luckily, there are many options to keep you warm and stylish:


Cat Beanie ( Forever | €11.00)


Mouse Beanie ( | $9.99 )



Puppy Hat ( | $4.99 )



Twisted Beanie ( | €18.00 )



Blue Adidas Hat ( |$20.00 )


Stay warm and trendy this winter! 🙂

Lovely hair bows ♥


Hair accessories are very useful. They look cute, help fixing your hairstyles and complement your outfit. Moreover, you can place them on different positions and most of them look flawless.

I am really picky if I have to choose my hair bows, because I can’t stand it when my hair isn’t in its place ..

If you choose to wear a chignon or bun, I would recommend you to wear a bow which has a bracket like the one below. You can easily adjust them, without pulling your hair.



Mint Floral Bow ( Claire’s || €4.99 )


Classic Black Bow ( Claire’s || €4.99 )

If you want to get rid of those strands which always obstruct your view, I would recommend you french clips.


Hair Bow Set 6 Piece ( Beauty || €8.94 )


Luxurious Layered Bow ( France || $42.00 )

It is easy to get bows like this into their position. Especially when you find yourself on a spontaneous shopping trip. If it happens that they get out of their place, you can easily put them back.

However, there are plenty of bow styles and everyone has their own favorite. I think the best advantage of hair accessories is that they reduce the devastation on a bad hair day. 😀



Satin Headband ( || $18.00 )


Metallic Bow Ties ( || $3.90 )


 Mermaid Hair Kit ( || $12.90 )

Cutie socks ♥

I’m not a fan of regular socks. Most of the people tend to wear all white or black socks. Sometimes if they’re not that mainstream you can see colors. I think the best place to buy really cute socks is Japan. There you can find all imaginable patterns (especially cat socks). Sadly I don’t live in Japan, that’s why I have to buy my socks somewhere else.

Due to autumn I prefer to wear over knees or at least knee socks. But it would be boring if we all wear those black – grey – white combo everyday.

That’s the reason why I want to show my favorites for this fall.


Pusheen Black striped socks ( | $8.80 )


Candy Color Cat Socks ( | €2.00*)


Dog Socks ( Fashion | €19.99 with Prime )


Animal Overknees ( | €2.00*)

Colorful socks are the best way to get some color into the foggy fall. Those socks look cute and keep you warm. If you still feel cold, I would recommend to wear some nylons under your socks. Those keep you warm and stylish during the cold days. 🙂


(* if your shipping destination is Austria)

Cute school/university supplies


The foundation for good work is being organized (if you ask me). To keep your stuff together its necessary to sort paper stuff as soon as possible.

For this task I love to use folders. I always have at least 2 in my bag to separate my working sheets / homework / notes.



Cute Folder ( | €5.00*)

Moreover, to separate each chapter/topic which you will have to learn, it’s useful to get yourself some sticky notes. As always, I prefer notes with animals on it. 🙂


Animal sticky notes  ( | €2.00*)

To erase mistakes it’s always good to use some correction tape or eraser ( especially during math homework hihi)


Heart shaped tape ( | €2.00*)


Ice cream eraser ( | €2.00*)

There are many options where you can keep your stuff. When I think of choosing a pencil case, I remember how difficult it was to choose the cutest.


Cat pencil case ( | €4.00*)



Flamingo pencil case ( | €6.00*)



Flower pencil case ( | €2.00*)


I think it’s much easier to enjoy learning if you own cute supplies. All these colors brighten up my mind during studying and it isn’t that boring any more. 😀

Bullet journals

Normally, I have problems to find the perfect diary. Maybe because I’m a person who needs to note everything (household, birthdays, projects, … ).

While surfing through pinterest I found a big thread called bullet journals. There is no restriction how to do it, that’s what I like most about it.

First of all I bought a notepad which is pretty difficult for me because I’m left handed…

( Here is an idea chosen by me: Cute cats bullet journal €5.99 |from amazon |with prime)

To start a bullet journal I would recommend you to think about the aspects you want to include.

For example:

(I found all those inspirations on pinterest, meaning all those links lead to pinterest)

  • Index (2-4 pages should be enough)

(Idea 1 | Idea 2 | Idea 3 )

  • Birthdays

(Idea 1 | Idea 2 | Idea 3 )

  • Wishlist

(Idea 1 | Idea 2 | Idea 3)

  • Chore list

(Idea 1| Idea 2 | Idea 3 )

  • Examsschedule

(Idea 1 | Idea 2| Idea 3)

  • Calendry

(Idea 1| Idea 2 | Idea 3)

Furthermore, you can browse through the internet or create the content totally by yourself ( I’m just not that creative).

To decorate my bullet journal I bought stickers and draw stuff by myself. To be honest I’m addticed to collect cute stickers.

My recommendations for stickers:

(All of those are from

(*if your destination is austria )

Doodling ideas :

(I’m not very talented, so I keep it simple :))